Best Financing & Business Help Mobile Apps on the Market

In a Digital word, optimizing and operating your business at any given moment from your fingertips is easier than ever. There are plenty of mobile apps to pick and choose from, but after testing out some we found these all-FREE apps to be the most efficient, user friendly, and optimal for successfully running your business.

Card Munch

Card Much App
Maintaining business cards from other professionals and finding them on LinkedIn are both two tedious tasks. This mobile app elimates that process and the need to keep the physical business cards. Card Munch turns the business cards you receive into LinkedIn contacts simply by taking a picture of the business card. Card Munch is FREE, and a great way for business owners to maintain connections and relationships for future business transactions.

Drop Box

Drop Box App
Drop box both great for desktop and mobile use, is a cloud storage app that instantly lets you share files with anyone on the Internet.


Mint App
Track all your company’s bank accounts, loans, and spending patterns with Mint. The app shows you in the main dashboard, where your company has been spending money and areas where your business can save money for future periods. can help create a custom budget based on your company’s actual purchases and expenses. This app is perfect for making sure your business pays off debt on time while also helping you visualize your cash flow.


When traveling for business, keep track of all your expenses, screenshot receipts and manage reports right from your phone. Import all your business’s credit card accounts, categorize them based on uses, customize invoices, smartscan receipts, and export to your accounting spreadsheets.

Time Recording

Time Recording App
Time Recording is a great app for businesses and business owners that work on multiple clients a day. This time tracker allows you to set and record the amount of hours you spend on particular task. The time logs can then be exported to your calendar to save your daily or monthly time sheets to present to a client at the end of the month. Time Recording can also be a useful as for business owners to use when tracking tasks and time logs on employees.


Yammer App
Yammer is a free work-group chat app that allows professionals to video or text chat, share photos, files, and helps track projects. The main goal of this app is to increase efficiency, organization, and production within the work environment, and it does just that! By increasing company communication, Yammer enables workers to collaborate easier and complete tasks in a uniformed manner.